What we have in the Store for you ! 

Farm Fresh Range Fed Chicken Eggs 

Our hens comfort is #1 ! We know they are happy hens by listening to them "sing" each day! Surrounding our hen house is a 30 x 30 yard with feed, water and shade. In the afternoon we let the hens out to range feed and have a great time!  Note: if we let them feed out of the yard the entire day we take a greater chance to loosing them to fox attacks and they tend to lay their eggs elsewhere.   :/

 Only $3.00 a dozen -- X-Large Eggs 

What we have in the Store for you !

 Camp Wood / Fire Wood

If your a visitor to the area and camping or if your local and need wood for the winter months consider buying wood from our farm! Cut and split here, all hard woods and seasoned! 

 $5.00 per armload

 Sold by the face cord too = 4' x 8' x 16 "

 1/2 cord = $35.00

1 cord= $65.00

These are picked up at the farm prices. Delivery is extra

U pick up

What we have in the Store for you !

Overland Morgan Farm T- Shirts

You had a Great Trail Ride ! Take a Souvenir from the farm with you to go with your pictures!

  $10.00 per shirt


What We Have in Store For You

Trail Ride Gift Certificates

The perfect gift for that someone special that loves horse riding! 

 1 hour = $45.00, 1-1/2 hour= $65.00 

 2 hour =$90.00 per rider

Choose Length of Ride