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                   Grass Fed & Finished Beef for Sale

         The Nutritional Powerhouse!

You may submit a question on the current availability of our beef. ​

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 On our guided trail rides you begin and end your journey riding through our beef pasture. You will see for yourself, naturally raised beef that grow from calves with their mommas. Cattle that range feed on grass, stress free and able to raise their calves as they were meant to be! Prime grass fed beeves, slow grown on grasses and rich hays. Untainted by growth hormone injections, equates to a healthier food for you to enjoy. We are also an organically minded farm, being stewards of the land, taking care of each step in the growth and care of our animals. We would be pleased to field questions for you !

Butcher dates are June and September 2020. 

Beef that is grass fed and finished has several health benefits. It contains more vitamins and minerals, omega-3 fatty acids, and CLA than grain-fed beef. These nutrients have been shown to fight a number of diseases and ailments.


All meat is USDA inspected and shrink wrapped.

Pre-ordering is required for larger orders of over 50 pounds or 1/4 shares.

All sale of beef is subject to current availability

 We will not buy other beef cattle to fill our orders!


If you are planning on picking up meat after your trail ride, please let Michelle know when scheduling so your box will be prepared for you! All meat ordered  is subject to availability and online orders must be picked up at our farm. 

***10-20 pounds of lean ground beef only $5.00 per pound

Porterhouse Steak-sold out

 Sirloin Steak -sold out

T-Bone Steak --sold out

***Steaks will be packed 2 per package and 1 inch thickness***

liver -  approximate one pound pack --$15.00

Marrow Bones- 3 pound average- $12.00

 loose bag packaging, cut 2-3 inches long

1/4 split shares of beef are sold at $4.00 per pound on the hanging weight. (Hanging weight has the bone included) This price includes cutting it your way! Your cuts and thickness of steaks and size of packaging.

 (ie) A beef hanging at 300 pounds at a quarter share will reap 2/3 of meat from it. 

Porterhouse Steak


Porterhouse Steaks (2 per pack)

T-Bone Steak 


T Bone Steaks (2 per pack)

Sirloin Steaks


Sirloin Steaks (2 per pack)

 lean ground beef

Ground Beef

loose bag packaging, cut 2-3 inches long

Marrow Bones (3 lb. average)

liver - one pound pack --$15.00

Liver (approx. 1 lb.)