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  • Overland Morgan Horse Farm is family owned and operated since 2001.  Our farm is situated just outside of Dansville NY, on a hilltop in the township of Ossian , Livingston County, near Letchworth State Park and Stony Brook State Park.  Bob and Michelle Vanderboschs  love of horses stems from their youth. Generations of farm life and a love of country living is rooted deep in us. We have a strong appreciation of nature, animals and the beauty they offer and are willing to share this with others.  Our horses are dear to us,  born  here and trained by Michelle & her daughter Beth on the farm, this is their home and we are family!  The horses are a close nit clan of registered American Morgans of old style lineage, which means they are built thicker and heavier muscled, ideal for pulling the hills and trails.  They are comfortable to ride , are easy going and intelligent. At any time feel free to ask questions about our family of Morgans, we are always will to share ! 

          Please read the page thoroughly before scheduling. Thank You!

Our 2023 trail riding season will open  April  21-

We love building products for you

     You must schedule all trail rides.  No Sunday Trail Rides 

 Please be patient when you call to schedule! Michelle cannot answer calls during trail rides or driving tractor. Calls will be returned asap!   Trails will be open late March or April 2022 . We will update as soon as we deem the trails safe.

Please have to courtesy to cancel your ride if needed. Thank you

          We ride through several hundred acres of wooded trails leading to beautiful hill-top scenic views!  Our horses go at a walk and a occasional trot, they are not slow even at a walk we will be moving along. ( we will not run or canter) No experience is necessary, your guide will give a tutorial before leaving and at all times be keeping a close watch to help those in need.  We want you to have a most memorable experience possible and taking pictures  are definitely allowed, each horse saddle has a saddle horn bag for your phone or camera, but please use discretion.

  Riders will be asked to arrive a minimum of 15 minutes early to fill out waivers and be fitted with riding boots and helmets.  Helmets for horse riding are mandatory in NY for youth ages 18 and under, and are optional for adults but suggested.  If you own your own riding boots (smooth sole with a distinguishable heal ) please wear them or we have many boots to choose from .  Boots specifically for riding are a safety precaution. 

  Note: We also provide the riding helmets, they are ASTM 1163 and no other helmets are acceptable. (there is no extra fee for boots and helmets)

      --Weight Limit of 250 pounds--Must be 8 years old to ride --

           We are not qualified to accept special need riders. 

   Our horses are average riding horses that weigh between 1,000-1,100 pounds each and stand between 14.2 - 15.2 hands high. One hand equals four inches, measured from the ground to the top of the withers.  People that stand over 6' 4'' will be too tall for our horses and anyone weighing over 250 pounds are not eligible to ride our Morgan horses.  A horse should only take 1/4 of its weight on their back and with the additional rough terrain its makes it doubly tough on them if the rider exceeds our weight limit. Also it is likely that a horse could injure its back if the rider weighs over the limit.  The rider must be 8 years old to ride, and we are not qualified to take riders with special needs,  no exceptions!  We reserve the right to turn away riders  that we deem are not eligible.  Please be honest about your weight and child's age! 

$50.00 per rider/ hour - 1 hour - 1 1/2 hour & 2 hour rides available. 

                                       Cash P- No Hidden Fees

 If you are paying using PAYPAL, the fee for riding will increase $5 per rider. 

We can ride up to 7 riders at a time on our guided rides.  1 Hour rides are $50.00 per rider - 1-1/2 hour rides are $75.00 per rider- 2 hour rides are $100.00 per rider.  We do all we can to provide a safe and enjoyable ride with us! Please be advised that we are riding through the woods where wild animals live.  White tailed Deer are abundant and frequently seen on our rides. Our horses are not afraid of deer, however, a sudden jump from a deer could startle them.  If you have Bee allergies please be prepared and to medicate yourself if you become stung on the rides.  Wildlife that is most often seen are deer, squirrel, chipmunks, turkey, coyote, fox and many species of birds including the Bald Eagle.  

                          October Riding is Beautiful ....however,

The challenges in October are due to the unpredictable weather. In October we ride from our cabin location 2 miles from the farm.  This location does not sport the view that we see during the rest of the riding  season. The swap off is the 2-3 creek crossings in the deep gully and more intense hills to climb.  We are riding in the beauty of the hill, the challenge for us is precipitation and less dry out time on clay based soil. In past experience, we have had to cancel rides due to poor riding conditions. Please consider September for your fall rides. The cooler weather  in September with fall changes makes for ideal riding.  

    October Riding Rates are $55.00 per rider/ per hour- 1-1/2 hour = $80.00 per rider- 2 hour rides are $110.00 per rider CASH ONLY IN OCT.


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