Pork and Smoked Meat for sale

We take Pride in our Pigs! Carefully raising and  feeding them only the best!

We feed our pigs on milk/corn and bright green alfalfa hay to create a masterpiece in flavor!  No soy , no hormones, no additives, just pure goodness in every morsel!  

 If you are looking to buy a half or whole pig, orders must be placed as early as possible to be put on a list. 

All meat is USDA inspected throughout the entire butchering process and is vacuum packed! 

You can buy 1/2 or whole pigs for $3.00 per pound on the hanging weight,  plus cutting and wrapping the way you like it!

Meat can be bought directly in our farm store when you come to ride or visit! 

Please go to grass fed beef page for price list