Brought back from the archives, the ever popular picnic ride

This specialty ride is completely your personal ride!

Picnic Ride

Blanket on the ground, this picnic ride is all for you! Our horses will carry your food on this trip over hill and vale through creek crossings, in insulated saddle bags to your remote picnic destination. This perfect location is overlooking a creek with nothing but forest and woodland creatures to serenade you! You are allowed 30 minutes for your picnic for a total of a 2 hour tour.  

-Option 1- 

    You provide your own Picnic lunch @ $120.00 per rider.

-Option 2-

We provide picnic food @ $140.00  per rider. 

  Riders are given the choice of and make their own picnic lunch as they like it -- a choice of ham and/or beef sandwich (cheese option) on dark or white bread. Grapes, bananas, chip variety, bottled water, trail mix bars. 

No alcohol is allowed 

We do not offer this ride in October.

 You must reserve your ride a minimum of 2 weeks in advance.